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Jenna's Story

Ive always been a big admirer of photography, every christmas as a child I would beg for a disposable camera then beg even more to have it developed at a chemist (ahh the good old days) As a young teenager I purchased a polaroid camera with my very first pay check so it came as no suprise when I went on to select only Photography & Art based subjects in High school.

I studied photography further in university where I completed a Certificate of Art & Design and a Bachelor of Graphic Design from A.U.T.
Then I went on to work as a Senior graphic designer at New Zealand’s number one selling woman’s magazine ‘Woman’s Day’ working there for 7+ years, which I loved every minute of!
After having my Daughter in 2015 I completed a Diploma in professional photography & photographed my heart out, developing my technique, perfecting my style & here I am!

It was a dream come true when I opened my own bussiness Jenna zane photography in 2016, It’s safe to say my heart is in full photography mode!

Jenna x